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POP Production

SPC has long been known for its POP products featuring the highest quality printing, and one of the most complete finishing operations for plastic and POP products. Our production facilities include the following:

Lenticular Printing
Lenticular images can best be described as illusionary art. From simple two-image flips to complex 3D images, lenticular designs utilize a combination of image/color selection, lens design, interlacing techniques, and printing technologies to create the desired illusion. All these elements need to work together to achieve a successful piece. To find out more about Lenticular Printing click here.

Digital presses include:
63” X 96” Inca Eagle H model
42” Hp Digital

Applications supported
Illustrator CS (11)
Photoshop CS (8)
InDesign CS (3)
Quark 6.1
Freehand MX (11)

Screen Printing
Screen presses include:
28” X 40” Cylinder press
44” X 64” Clamshell
30” X 40” Clamshell
27” X 38” Clamshell

Litho Printing
We print exclusively with UV cured inks for all substrates, except for our preprinted vacuum formed pieces. UV cured inks give us the capability to deliver a totally dry printed sheet, dry trap inks, print whites, process, PMS colors and coating, all in one press pass. This enables us to monitor quality throughout the printing process. Presses include:

28" X 40" 6/C with inline UV coating

One of the things that set us apart from most printers is our finishing. We can do most finishing in-house to insure quality and that your job will remain on schedule. Finishing facilities include:

Lamination - Press lamination, thermal lamination and pressure sensitive lamination
Roller coating
Die cutting, PMC, cylinder and clamshell presses.
Heat Bending
Sonic welding
Screening, 4 lines with UV curing
Hand assembly, kit packing and drop shipping
Computerized UPS and Fed Ex shipping