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Choosing the right material for your project can make the difference between a successful or problem project. Here are some of the materials we commonly print on the Inca and their characteristics.

Foam Boards, commonly known as Foam-Core, comprise a family of materials that have an extruded polystyrene foam center with various liners. These are generally light weight materials that print and die cut well. Because of their soft core, they are subject to damage if not packed well and will not hold up to heavy usage. They are generally suitable for signs and headers, but will not hold up for outdoor usage. Some of the different foam boards are:

: A white foam board with a white paper liner, the edges remain closed with die cut. Foam-Core is also available with a black core and black back liner. Foam-Core comes in thickness’ of 1/8” and 3/16” thickness.

Foam-X: The same as Foam-Core, except the edges remain open when die cut.

Gatorfoam: The construction of Gatorfoam is similar to Foam-X, except Gatorfoam uses a heavier, more dense foam center with a wood-fiber veneer finish and is generally a heavy duty version of Foam-Core This material is too dense for die cutting and comes in 3/16” up to 2” thickness.

Gatorplast: Similar to Gatorfoam, except Gatorplast has a polystyrene plastic sheet mounted to each side instead of the fiber veneer and comes in 3/16” and 1/2” thickness.

PVC Foam Sheets are commonly known as Sintra, Komatex or Celltex and are moderately priced homogeneous expanded rigid PVC sheets. Sintra type sheets are suitable for indoor and exterior POP displays, signage and exhibits, although they become brittle in cold weather. They are more expensive than Foam-Core, but less expensive than Gatorfoam. Sintra can be die cut, saw cut, routed, cut and heat bent (keep in mind that we can’t heat bend Inca inks). Sintra is available in a wide range of colors and a wide range of thickness’ from 1MM to 19MM. The most common thickness is 3MM (approximately 1/8”).

Polystyrene is an economical plastic that can be printed on the Inca and comes in many sizes and thicknesses from .010" to .125". Styrene can be die cut and trimmed easily in thinner gauges. Generally available only in white. Styrene is a good short-medium term outdoor material, but will yellow and become brittle with extended exposure to the sun. Styrene comes in various degrees of opacity, with translucent styrene being suitable for back lighted signs.

Vinyl (PVC): Both rigid and flexible vinyl are easily printable with the Inca. Vinyl is a good outdoor material, doesn’t become as brittle as styrene in cold weather and can be cold scored and bent. Vinyl comes in white and clear with gloss or matte finishes. Vinyl is available in .010”-.020” thickness.

Static Cling
, .008”, both white and clear comes with a paper backer. Clear static cling usually has a screen white either before or after printing with the Inca.

Corrugated Board, 200 lb., bleach white "B" flute corrugated. This is regular carton board, except with a white finish.

, is a corrugated like plastic product, suitable for indoor and outdoor signs and panels. It is light weight, but still fairly rigid due to its corrugated structure. It is economically priced and can be scored, die cut and trimmed easily.

C1S and C2S paper board: Classic display board used in all printing processes. It is easily trimmed, scored and die cut and is available in many sizes in gauges from .008 to .100.

Banner Material: Stoplight paper, is a totally opaque paper material for 2 sided banner printing. It can be trimmed and folded just like any paper material.

Vinyl banner stock
: Both single and double sided vinyl banner materials are available. Most are sewn and have grommets or ropes.

Pressure sensitive material: We normally use .0035” pressure sensitive white vinyl, but can also print other top coated pressure sensitive materials.

PETG: Petg is a clear thicker plastic used in place of Acrylic. Petg heat bends well (remember Inca inks don’t), can be die cut if under .080” thickness and usually comes with a protective film liner. Petg is a good outdoor material and is preferred over Acrylic because of better ink adhesion.

: Polyethylene can only be printed on the Inca if it has a screen printed top coating. Polyethylene is a very durable plastic for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easily die cut and trimmed.

Not recommended: Because of surfaces that don’t give good ink adhesion, the following materials are not recommended for printing with the Inca: Melamine, Acrylic and Glass.