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The Benefits of Digital Printing

We believe digital printing will become the process of choice for the POP market. It's already the process of choice for smaller quantities and as print speeds increase higher quantities will become more economical and image resolutions are making digital printing comparable to offset printing and exceeding most screen printing. SPC is at the forefront of this transition with the addition of our digital department, featuring the Inca flatbed digital press. The Inca digital press lets you customize your POP for each market segment, you don't have to make one design fit all markets and you can print on demand.

The Inca digital press uses UV cured inks which allow us to print many uncoated substrates, directly to materials 1 1/2" thick and sizes up to 63" X 96". We can print exact size pieces, full bleed, enabling us to print a pre-trimmed piece and ship it with no further finishing. The Inca press combines the best of two worlds, screen printing, which has always provided solutions for short run printing on a massive variety of substrates and all the benefits that only a digital printing system can offer:
• No color variation

• On press proofing

• No film required

• Minimal set up time

• Customized printing

• Print on demand

• Low waste

• Print direct to substrate,   no mounting

• Print to edge of the sheet

• UV curing "on the fly"

• Quicker turn around

• 3 year outdoor fade   resistance
For a detailed description of materials commonly printed on the Inca click here.